Follow Your Island Instinct

The aroma and taste of fresh seafood, the friendly ambiance created by our staff, the sound of the sea makes our guests really experience the island life.


Follow your island instinct

There is no better way to enjoy the full experience of the beach unless you enjoy the tastes of Almar Seafood Bar. Our menu suggests light seafood bites that fit perfectly to the island life. Delectable small plates all made exclusively from treasures of the sea, salads, choices from our fresh fish of the day, coffees, fresh juices and cocktails will keep you content on the comfortable loungers or indoor restaurant for hours of relaxation and sharing of moments with friends and family!


Get To Know Us

A good team is always made up from all kind of
characters. The serious ones, the crazy ones, the
funny looking, the humorous, the calm… they all
have have a role to play in creating the perfect team.
A team that loves to serve and does it with a smile.


The thinking behind

Almar means “soul of the sea” and this is exactly what we want our guests to experience. Each passing of our shared plates opens up a new conversation and a new taste of the ocean’s treasures, the ocean’s soul. We want to bring to our guests the beauty of the ocean as experienced from the 5 senses. Our variety of creative ‘tapas’ plates shared between family and friends along with a fine wine or a cold beer on the sea front,create the perfect scenery for long lasting memories


We guarantee an unforgettable experience to every true lover of the seafood cuisine